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kevin_durand's Journal

The Kevin Durand LJ Resource
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Kevin Durand
Welcome one and all to the one and only LiveJournal community for Kevin Durand!

Please welcome our new affiliate!

The X-Men Origins LJ Community

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to mention that while this site is in no way affiliated with Mr. Durand in real life, it's still a great unofficial place for people to meet up and have fun regarding all things Kevin. If you think he's cool, talented, sexy, interesting, etc, then go ahead and join.

Rules, rules, every community must have some rules, as politically incorrect as the two of us bosses are:
** No fighting, no flaming, What fun is that, for fuck's sakes? We're here to have fun, not fight like immature knuckle-heads.
** Any submitted works that might be questionable to the viewers must be placed under an LJ-cut with a warning such as NSFW (not safe for work), or else the post will be deleted. Similarly, anything too large such as fanfiction, large images or more than one image, must be placed under a cut, or else the post will be deleted.
** Anything involving strange content is allowed on this community, save for certain cases of such matter as pedophilia. Allowed themes include slash, violence, m-preg, and anything else that moves your furniture, as long as you tell people ahead of time in case someone might not want to further explore your particular post.

Sumbit Joshua # 57, discuss why Jeeves is or ain't no goddamn Chinese, anything you want, but above all, have fun. It's all good.

This community is ruled and maintained by henrika_amanda and pilar_sama. We're generally easy to get along with, although I wouldn't trust that henrika_amanda with my children, if I were you... Plus, pilar_sama smells. Really bad.